Coping and Support

I think the main problem with this whole situation is the disturbing lack of support we have. Every relationship we establish distances before finally fizzling out.

Some of those (especially the romantic ones) are “self” sabotage. The word self is in quotations because it isn’t truly Kit who does the sabotaging.
It is that the relationship has triggered something and rather than using our non-existent coping abilities, a protector comes out to solve the problem. By getting rid of it.

Or Charlotte bones someone she shouldn’t.

It isn’t a fair response most certainly. But there isn’t really any other way we know to handle triggers.

And when it comes to friendships, even the deepest ones we manage to make loosen and fall away because of our usual state of apathy. Serefina and Midori don’t even bother trying to keep that give-and-take relationship the average friend expects.
Rika just hates most people in general. And I spend most of my time trying to unravel the snags of lost time and memories.

But Kit cares. And I know it must be difficult to come back finding the guy you’ve been seeing won’t return a phone call and the friend you were so close with is suddenly cool and avoiding you.

But the rules and boundaries we had to try and prevent this are falling apart as everyone (and some new alters I’m only partially aware of) tries to take advantage and carve out their own stolen bit of time.

Something needs to change. Soon.


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