Switching Frenzy

There’s so much going on.  It’s a lot, lot, lot.
I’m going to try and remain control but I’m not sure if I can.
The loss of Kit, our host, has devastated our system more that initially thought. At least in my opinion.
I know Roms and Claire are trying to be self-appointed leaders, but I don’t understand why they get to. I’m even mostly forgotten entirely. That isn’t fair at all. I know I’ve done some damage and some of the crueler alters like to refer to me as “The Cutter” (not a lie…).  But that’s for a good reason. If I didn’t do what I did then it would overwhelm us and we’d drown.

Sometimes drowning is awfully tempting though…


They’re all godd*mn f*cking idiots. All these stupid f*cking dependencies on pills, liquor, cutting, sex, starving themselves…it’s just so damn childish. Sometimes I think I need to just toss everyone in the f*cking backseat and hijack this body far away. Alaska or some sh*t like that. Where no one can truly know us and it can remain that way.


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