Gin and Sex

(Roms says I have to put a slight trigger warning since I tend to talk a lot about sex….so…slight trigger warning)

I really don’t like admitting any sort of fault or wrong-doing but….even I have to admit I think I botched something last night.

Due to my “behaving” lately , and the fact that Kit isn’t even hanging around, I was allowed to have a bit of “out” time.
Army invited his best friend over to watch movies and started mixing drinks, as he likes to do for people. I obviously asked for something with gin. Gin is my man.

I got pretty nicely sloshed, as I prefer to be when I have strict “no sex” orders. Doesn’t stop me from flirting of course. And this is the part where I botched things I think.

Ahem. There is some back story I have to state quickly. Bear with me. Army’s best friend? He’s actually a guy we’ve known for a long long time. We went to school with him when we were younger.  He is the male we’ve confided in the most.  We actually almost ended up dating him before we starting fooling around with Army.  And by “fooling around”, I of course mean me fucking him at every opportunity.

Which was mostly my decision to begin with. I don’t like us being with anyone who can understand our mental state. Army has Asperger’s and is just…a complete dick and doesn’t care about our emotional or mental state. Which is entirely safe and fine by me. And Rika thankfully. Decisions are always easier for us when you’ve got the protector backing you up.

Army’s great in the sack too, which just rocks my world.

But I digress. I should probably come up with some sort of alias/name for Army’s best friend. Let’s go with…Jeff.
So Jeff is a fantastic guy. Much more attractive than Army, honestly. But there are a couple bad bad things about him that have caused us to withdraw and not be close friends over the past couple years:

1. He understands us way too easily. It’s effin’ creepy.

2. We’ve been friends for so long…I don’t want to say he’s “friend zoned” because I don’t believe in that shit. But there is a certain amount of tentative-ness we have just because he’s so valued. Something to do with that some friends are gold, some friends are silver bullshit.

3. Dude’s a virgin. We found this out one particular night when I tried to make the moves on him. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate virgins. I’ve de-virgintinized my share of people. But he’s the type of virgin where you know he’s just going to read so much into that “first time” and it’s going to be “magical” and shit. Ugh. Don’t need that.

4. I started fucking his best friend. About a month after I found out Jeff was a virgin and stopped putting the moves on him. I know, I’m a bitch. It’s okay, I’m highly aware.

But actually, Jeff was surprisingly cool about the whole thing. I think it’s because he has the creepy understanding of us and got that we were just with Army because he was so emotionally safe. Not to say Jeff didn’t withdraw a bit, he’s only human.

Which brings me to last night. Hm, that was a longer tangent that I thought. Sorry about that.

Anyway, Army’s being his normal distant self. Except when Jeff’s in the bathroom. Then Army decides to paw and grope me to his heart’s content. Whatever.

Point is, Army went to bed before us because he had a long work shift in the morning. Jeff decided to put on a stupid campy horror movie because we were both drunk and it seemed like an excellent idea.

I then proceeded to cuddle and nibble at him.  Hey, the rules only said no sex.  And Jeff seemed to enjoy it, but he was really drunk, so I suppose I don’t really know.

Then I went to bed a little after the movie was over.  Because Jeff was staying over, Army insisted on sleeping in my bed so Jeff could have his.  I went into my bedroom and Army immediately tells me to shut the door. I do and we proceed to have some rough (albeit, quiet) sex.

And I keep thinking about Jeff.

And I sort of wonder why Army was so “raring to go” as well.

It’s sort of freaky.

Anyway, this morning when I take Jeff home (he doesn’t drive), everything is normal, chatty, and not really awkward. I imagine an air-pump with my arm, as I’ve really gotten away with my shenanigans!

Then effin’ Roms decides to text him after dropping him off like a STUPID COWARDLY CONSCIENCE WE DON’T NEED, and apologize for “any inappropriate behavior” from last night.

And the part that hurts the most….it isn’t Roms sending that text.

It’s that he hasn’t replied.

I think I’m growing effin’ morals.

I hate them.


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