little time!

i already saw with some of our DID blogging friends that it must be “littles day” or something because it seems like we’re all getting some playtime.

mine isn’t playtime so much because i’m scared of a lot of things, including leaving my bedroom. but i have both dogs, zoe (our dog) and sofya (army’s dog) to keep me company while i’m alone. we’re watching movies too. claire and roms are really nice and made sure all the disney movies are right by the tv, so we don’t even have to go into the living room. they’re really nice to me.

i have some ouchies on my leg though. i think it’s from middy (midori). she got out last night to create and play some music on the piano but it made her really sad so she had to find some blades and the take them and-

no. i don’t wanna talk about ouchie things. i’m sorry. that was bad. bad bad macey.

zoe is giving me kisses now. she knows when i start to get really scaredd and think about hiding. but she doesn’t want me to hide because she thinks i’m the best cuddler and player. i throw the ball for her and everything.

here’s a picture claire took earlier today so you can see both dogs

now zoe is rolling on me and sticking her nose against my tummy to make me smile. she’s such a good dog. i’m glad we have her. daddy wants us to “get rid of her” but i know we never ever will. we never disagree with daddy because one of us always wants to avoid a fight with him, but we all love zoe.



5 thoughts on “little time!

  1. starclub1

    I wish i can see de pictur. what does she look like? is she big or small, fluffy?

    you are llucky to be watching movies, i glad you is doing that

    i love pocahontas, princess and the frog, and little mermaid best of all

    allie, age 9

  2. penpaperandcrazy Post author

    i forgot you cant. i’m sorry. i’ll describe her real good just for you.
    she is a medium sized dog. she comes up to our knee and is about 24 pounds. she is very sleek, but with a fluffy area around her neck and her tail has long fluffy fur too. i don’t know if you know what australian shephards look like, but that is what she is mostly. her mommy is a pure aussie and her daddy is unknown. she is a red-gold color and her eyes are golden. she is really really pretty. she’s only 10 months old, but she acts really good for being a puppy.
    i love princess and the frog too!! it’s one of my favorites. i really like the music in it. i really like mulan too. she is so brave for being around so many boys and being better than them. boys scare me.

    1. starclub1

      she sound so pretty i bet id love her ya mulan is a good movie to so is beauty and beast i love belle i saw beauty and the beast in the west end in london before i like musicals do you i love puppies to i cant wait to get our new guide dog it wont be a puppy but it will be like 2 or something i wonder if we will get a boy dog we never had a boy dog before



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