(Armes recently was inspired to ask us to all compile an entry explaining where each of our names came from. We try to humor her…lol. We must mention a mild warning for Rika’s language. Our apologies.)

my name means “the prophetess” (in welsh, apparently. tho i didn’t know that). i picked it because it’s pretty and because everyone always jokes about how “insightful” and “kinda psychic” i am about certain people and situations, despite being so young. i go by the nickname “masey” a lot. not “mase” though. makes me think of the ouchie peppery spray.

First and foremost, I’m a Greek Mythology nerd. I adore it, I know most of the myths by heart. The Perseus and Andromeda myth always struck me because it’s really the only one where the hero doesn’t screw over the girl in the end. I really wanted to encompass that trust, hope, and compassion.
I also adore the show “Andromeda” with Kevin Sorbo, so it’s sort of a double-whammy.  I hate the nickname “Rommi” though. Hence “Roms”.

Hm. My name “discovery/choosing” isn’t nearly as interesting as some of the others’.  That’s probably partially due to the fact that I’m one of the newer alters (I split in late high school when Kit was dealing with an abusive boyfriend) so I didn’t spend all that much time thinking about it. I think I got Clarissa from a story about a blind woman who lived in the south during the Civil War era and used writing to escape the injustice she felt about slavery.  The fact that she had this “handicap” (if it could even be fairly called that), but still cared so much about writing about the injustice of the treatment of African Americans just really struck a chord with me.
I shortened it to Claire a couple years ago because a former partner of ours would call me either Clarissa or Rissa/Rissy and I don’t…like to be reminded of that.

Goddamn. I don’t get the fucking point of this, but I guess since Armes asked so fucking nicely…
Of course, I don’t have a really interesting story. I really don’t give a shit about names.  A lot of people say it sounds like goddamn “anime character” or some shit like that. I dunno. Anyway, it’s not fucking Japanese (at least mine isn’t, I know there’s a fucking Japanese name that is Rika). It’s fucking Norse. And it means brave, powerful ruler or some shit like that. I think, me being a protector alter, my reasoning is pretty goddamn obvious.

Well. I dunno why, but I always thought the name Charlotte was sort of chic and sexy. I don’t even remember why or where I saw that. I never looked at the whole “name meaning” thing like Armes and Rika. Looking at it right now, it apparently has something to do with “free woman”. But whatever, I didn’t pick it for it’s meaning. I just thought the name itself sounded pretty. And don’t, for the love of god, call me Charlie. I am not a boy or man.

I chose this for a couple reasons. It means emerald and my eyes are bright green (the body’s are a forest green, but mine are more truly emerald). I also love the melon liquor that goes by this name.  The name is of Japanese origin and I identify with the Geisha culture a lot. Not the sex aspect, but the distant, cultured, creative, beautiful, loner sort of women they were. I can only play the piano at the moment, but I have dreams of learning to play a stringed instrument like the shamisen that the geisha played.

This has a couple meanings, all having to do with “angel” (from seraphim), including “fallen angel”, “fiery angel”, “pretty angel”. Honestly I didn’t choose my name. It was chosen by our former partner (in an endearing sort of way) and unlike a lot of the other alters, I don’t shy away from being reminded of the best relationship of our life. Despite the eventual betrayal, it was beautiful and healing for the five years we had her.

I’m surprised I’m even included on this list. My name is mostly inspired by the whole Victorian era. I like dirty things being repressed and kept secret like they did in the that era. I also like the beautiful clothes and art that came out of it. Do not call me Vicky.

This is Roms, I’m going to explain Kit’s for her, since she’s in hibernation (and I’m one of the oldest alters).
Kit isn’t really the original personality. That split long ago. She is the closest to the original and the most complete/well rounded of all of us. Kit is also not the body’s legal name.  However, Kit has a large love of foxes, due to their ability to blend in and look pretty (foxes are actually the body’s “spirit animal”).  She also occasionally goes by “Vixen”, for the same reason.  We actually have a tattoo of a fox and butterfly on our shoulder. The butterfly represents the soul in Greek mythology.


And that should be everyone. Hopefully this was at least semi-interesting…

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