To not be homeless…

I don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but our lease is up at the end of this month.  We currently cannot afford to move into another apartment on our own and have had a lot of trouble finding a roommate.

It’s been terrifying the past couple weeks because the only feasible place being offered was by our father.  But he had the first and foremost stipulation of us getting rid of Zoe, our dog.

I’ve never seen such unanimous agreement against our father.  Usually one of us agrees it’s easier to concede to him because, after all, he is our father and must have our best interests in mind.

But we all love Zoe.  She has been the only consistent light at the end of the tunnel of darkness we’ve been struggling through the past 7 or 8 months.  She stays.

We floundered for a bit, wondering what on earth we could do.  Then fate decided to remind us of our one real-life DID-er friend, Sleeping Shadow Dragon.  She is a wonderful person, and despite having her own issues and a household with two children and her husband (which you can totally read about on her blog), she has always been extremely supportive to our issues.

And yesterday she did the wonderful thing of offering us her third bedroom at her house. We broke down about yesterday’s upsetting text and having no place to live at the end of the month and she selflessly offered.  Granted, we’re a little leery (children…husband…the whole family life doesn’t usually suit us), but she welcomes Zoe and we don’t even have to hide our “condition”, like we’ve been doing with our current roommate for over a year.  I guess there are benefits to be being friends with other “crazies” 😉

It’s a nice feeling to not worry about being homeless…

And we all hope it’ll be enough to coax Kit back out of hibernation.


5 thoughts on “To not be homeless…

  1. Bourbon

    Oh wow!!!!!!! I am so happy for you :D:D:D I was worried for a bit there but yessss you have a wicked friend there 🙂 xx

  2. sleepingshadowdragon

    You are more than welcome in my home love. As I have said before and I will probably say again: I’ve been homeless in my lifetime despite working full-time at that point. I had someone take me in and give me stability until I could manage my finances again and figure out where i needed to go without being pressured to be a certain person or be a certain way.

    I am actually glad to see that you do have some reservations as I would have been more worried had you been overly enthusiastic regarding coming into an established home without knowing all the dynamics that happen outside the ‘social view.’ My boundaries only stand as such that the stability of my children’s lives is not affected…all other choices are yours alone with no curfews or restrictions on what you do outside the house.

    I’m glad that I can be here for you and that you have trusted me enough to even be willing to take me up on my offer.


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