badgirl deserves this. badgirl was badbadbad and so she needs her medicine. the pills go down easy and suck up all the yuckyucky.

forgot codeine makes badgirl itch and vicodin is extra floaty but it doesn’t matter because she is a bad badgirl.

badgirl will make sure that everyone else remembers how they’ve been badbadbad.Ā  blood will help. make sure lots of scars so they all remember how badbadbadbadbad we are.

ugly, bad, nasty little girl.
maybe i should spell out badgirl forever and in our flesh.
maybe then they’ll remember how they need to BEHAVE.

3 thoughts on “badgirl

  1. vwoopvwoop

    I’m sorry you feel so upset, that sounds like a lot of responsibility on your shoulders.
    I hope you don’t hurt the body. I wouldn’t want anyone to hurt you, and I don’t want you to hurt anyone else. That’s fair, right? I feel protective of you even though I don’t know you very well. And if someone was talking about hurting you, I would want them to stop. Just like you’re talking about hurting someone else — I want you to stop.
    It sounds like you feel really yucky and upset and sad and angry. I’m sorry, those are difficult feelings. Is there anyone you can talk to who would listen? Maybe someone else you live with?
    I hope you feel better soon, and you don’t need to hurt others to feel good about yourself. There are much nicer ways to feel better, like talking about your feelings and having a friend. I bet you would be a good friend to someone if they gave you a chance.

    It sounds like you have to be big and scary and tough, but I’m wondering if maybe you are smaller and younger than you pretend to be. That would be very normal, and it shows how clever you are that you would act bigger. You are very smart. I hope you find someone to talk to. ā¤

    1. penpaperandcrazy Post author

      …i smart? i dont feel smart.
      most peeples call me stupid.
      the others in here think i stupid cause i so angry and upset. i just wanna please daddy and make sure they know we have to be good and behave. cause then he wont hate us and send us away to live at the place where the boy tries to touch us.
      the others think i also stupid cause i dont got a name yet.

      roms is kinda nice. she said i not allowed to be name “badgirl”. even though that only name i know…
      -not badgirl?

      1. vwoopvwoop

        I think you’re smart, yes. It takes a smart person to figure out ways to be strong when they are in danger. It sounds like you are trying to make the others realize they have to be good or else bad things will happen. I’m sorry you have to be so grown up so quickly, that’s a lot of pressure on you.

        I’m surprised to hear that the others think you’re stupid, that’s so different from how I think of you! I haven’t talked to the others about you at all, but my first guess is that maybe they are kinda nervous because you threaten them. I haven’t heard anyone saying that you are stupid. The only person I have heard say that is you, which makes me sad because you shouldn’t have to feel that way. I wish you could see how brave and smart you are.

        Roms sounds nice, I agree. I also agree with her that your name shouldn’t be badgirl, that’s a sad name, like if you named someone “Poop”…it’s just not a nice name to have! I think you are a good girl who is trying her best to always be good, so the name badgirl doesn’t fit anymore. There are lots of beautiful, pretty names out there for you to choose from, you could even make up one that no one has ever had before, if you wanted to be extra special and unique! Why don’t you think about some names that you really like and you can choose one that fits you? Do you like any cartoons or tv shows or movies or books? They usually have good names in them. I bet there are a zillion names out there to pick from, but it has to be something really nice — do you know why? It’s because you are a NICE girl, and so you deserve a pretty, kind, nice name. šŸ™‚

        Maybe Roms can help you pick one, if you asked her to. šŸ™‚ It sounds like you’re the kind of person who doesn’t ask anyone for help, and that’s okay. But I bet she would love to help you pick a name if you wanted.


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