Handling the Aftermath

(trigger warning: brief talk of my having to clean up after an alter’s self-harm to the body)

Well. Yesterday was awful. First the milk stuff, then the unknown alter decides to wreck further havoc with pills and self-mutilation.

Due to the combination of the milk and handful of painkillers, our stomach is rather on edge today.  We’re taking eating slow and careful.
I carefully salved and bandaged our thigh this morning.  It’s not as bad as I expected.  Looks like she was more going for scratching than actual deep slicing (like Victoria does).  It’s strange how the few alters that self-mutilate all do it in the same spot of the body though, but otherwise their methods are so different.

I think this “new” alter is a little. Or a teen alter perhaps.  Just…very upset.  We haven’t had one this nasty in a long time.  Especially one who is so tied to making sure we “behave” how Daddy would want.  I talked a bit with Armes, who always has a very good eye for anyone moving around inside.  She said this alter isn’t really new, but then she got scared and wouldn’t talk further.  Interesting.

Hopefully we can keep an eye on the situation and not let it get too out of hand.

Claire made plans with Jeff tonight.  At least he’s aware of our problems.
She actually texted him a bit late last night when she got really scared about how the painkillers were making her feel.  The breathing trouble and blackout tugging sensation really upset her.  He seemed to help pull her out nicely. I suppose I can give my tentative seal of approval.

It only makes me nervous because Kit’s in hibernation and isn’t truly getting a say in this budding relationship…


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