Clash of the Alters

We’re having a bit of a debate over what to do this weekend.

Serefina and Rika think we need to work on packing up our stuff to move and starting to get stuff stored at the father’s house.

Claire has made tentative plans with Jeff, but she’s the only one who wants to keep those.  Some of the others got skittish with how close he’s trying to get to us so quickly.

Roms wants to go over to one of our closest friends’ house- we’ll call her “Texas” (she’s from Texas).  We haven’t hung out with Texas in awhile and in addition to being one of our closest friends, she’s one of our few “Pagan friends” (hence why Roms probably wants to hang out with her).

Armes and myself just want to stay home all weekend, though I suppose that’s not a big surprise.  But I feel it might be extra-important due to our crazy week. I’m not sure if socializing is a wise idea right now. But then Roms argues that this new alter who’s done crazy stuff doesn’t come out around other people at all.
Fair point.

Charlotte obviously wants to figure out a way to have sex.  She won’t touch Jeff, so she hates Claire’s idea, and everyone else’s because they don’t involve any males.

Ahh, the life of a multiple.


1 thought on “Clash of the Alters

  1. Bourbon

    That was my head this morning. Although not QUITE as divided. Just the littles wanting to do one thing and me the other. We came to a compromise but then we couldn’t even keep to the compromise! Fun times :p x


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