5 thoughts on “never ever

  1. vwoopvwoop

    no, that’s not how this works at all. people recover, people get better, they just have to have the right support.
    the tv show is for entertainment, it isn’t correct.
    please don’t believe what it tells you…please. *safe hugs*

  2. sleepingshadowdragon

    The truth is that as you learn more coping mechanisms you will begin to get better. While there is no clinical reason to ever force a person into a singularity or push someone to get “rid” of the alters (doing so often creates a new alter that simply hides the others and can end up causing more problems), through therapy and teaching of effective coping mechanisms, you can begin to at least have enough co-consciousness to effectively work as a singular unit. The show pushed a common misconception (one that is rarely corrected by psychologists) that mental “disorders” are forever: They’re not, and they certainly can be mitigated and managed.

    You are still you…all of you, no matter how much therapy you go through. The way you function may always be “different” from the average because of early trauma, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t still be sane, functional, and happy. Being a multiple doesn’t make you crazy, it makes you extremely intelligent and efficient at coping with life. It is just learning to recognize where each alter has their strong points and what parts of your life need them now that they don’t need to protect you like they did. As you increase coping mechanisms for stress and begin to get your life under control you can decrease the amnesia barriers between the alters and start having the semblance of a singular personality that simply has a variety of moods and interests.

    1. penpaperandcrazy Post author

      I think we’re all too developed as alters to every do any sort of integration, even that form of co-conscious a lot of therapists push for.
      The most we have is a sort of “looking over your shoulder” thing where we can at least look through a “window” inside the body and see what’s going on and comment.

      We’re trying to perfect it so we can attempt normal living a bit better.

      Here’s hoping.


      1. sleepingshadowdragon

        Even the ability for alters to actually “look over your shoulder” and know what is going on is considered co-consciousness. The term sounds all fancy, but it really just means that there is no amnesia barrier between particular alters and they can see/hear/remember what is going on. You already have a decent amount of co-consciousness as you are aware of the other alters and can communicate with them to some degree.

        Even if the alters remain independent but they are willing to communicate and share thoughts and memories instead of creating blackouts it is progress and proving that you’re not as broken as you think you are.

        PS: I have come across an 19 year old as a friend of a friend who is also a multiple and is spiritually inclined in the same direction (also lives nearby) We should talk about this as I need someone to bounce thoughts off of regarding her.

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