Suddenly off meds

Being suddenly off 8 different meds is not a good thing.

As mentioned a couple times in the pass, we have severe hypertension.
Doctors can’t figure out a real cause for it, and it doesn’t respond well to medication.  Because of the lack of response, we’ve been prescribed 8 separate blood pressure medications to make it barely managable (readings are still 180/125 frequently).

However, due to some financial constraints and a mild disaster with the car that we had to fork over $200 to fix, we ran out of money on Friday.

Our meds were all due for a refill on Friday.

The combined cost of those stupid meds is over $400 (because we have no health insurance), which we certainly can’t pay at the moment.

And now we’ve been off of them for over 72 hours.

It’s migraine, nausea, dizziness, numb hands/feet, and back pain galore.  Not to mention our readings are getting scary.

We don’t want to end up back in the ER or ICU…

And the only possible solution is begging money from Daddy….

But we really really really really don’t want to do that.  That always comes with stipulations that we can’t handle right now.

Then again, we can’t handle not being on the meds.

We don’t know what to do…

6 thoughts on “Suddenly off meds

      1. Bourbon

        It is worth it. You are worth it. This post worries me. You don’t need to be feeling this way. Your mental health is going to decline very quickly if your physical health does. I don’t know what to advice seeing as I am in a different country but please please do whatever you need to get those meds…… for us all here? x

      2. sleepingshadowdragon

        I agree with bourbon on this one: If you can’t have your body in line your mental state will deteriorate very quickly, particularly if you get hospitalized again and end up constantly triggered. You don’t have an option in regards to these meds, find a way to get them.

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