It was a crazy weekend full of switching and forced family outings and the move into our new place with Shadow Dragon (SD).

We had Jeff over last night to hang out and watch a movie with us and SD.  Something strange happened.  We were eating popcorn, as one normally does when watching movie, when suddenly there was a strange switching frenzy and a large piece of popcorn ended up down our windpipe.

There was then a revolving door of alters as they tried to take over, only to be triggered by the sensation of not being able to breathe.  It took Charlotte (the only one not triggered by breathing issues) to go get a glass of water and take some slow sips before we could calm down.

It was strange because we cannot figure out what happen, but both myself and Rika sense some malicious intent.  But the question is who.  Charlotte was on edge with Claire’s closeness to Jeff, but she wouldn’t let Charlotte out.  But Charlotte doesn’t do self-harm when it comes to destructive behavior.  And she’s the one who got the water.

Victoria has a very specific list of self-harm and choking does not fall on that. Plus, she has the breathing trigger as bad as the rest of us.

I’m disturbed by this.

It’s been a very strange weekend.

But it was also nice.  Claire had a nice time driving Jeff home and talking, and Charlotte managed to slip out at his door to give him her version of a goodnight kiss.  She was pleased at leaving him unhinged a bit.

Hopefully our system will mellow out more soon.

7 thoughts on “Choking

  1. sleepingshadowdragon

    I was glad you were ok. I couldn’t tell for sure who came out, but I’ll keep an eye out and see if I can discern if it is someone in the system that isn’t named or familiar yet. Yesterday was a pretty switchy day for both of us. I’m hoping things will settle down once we get all your stuff moved and we settle into a more common pattern of living together.

    1. penpaperandcrazy Post author

      We could use the talents of Sherlock and Watson though. It’s a tricky case. We’ve already had a trigger loop (she triggered me, triggering her, doubling back and triggering me). Ah, the joys of rooming with a fellow multiple…

      1. Bourbon

        Yeah… I can only imagine. I used to get in those trigger cycles when I lived with someone with BPD. We would set each other off a lot. That was intense!! x

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