Kidney Doctor

Why why why does our (technically former) kidney doctor keep calling and leaving messages?? He’s called three times in the past two hours and keeps leaving vague messages for us to call him back as he “really needs to discuss some important matters” with us.

What did we do? What’s changed? Is there some horrible result from tests the hospital performed?? Did we do something wrong??
(which was months ago, but this doctor is dumb and took forever to request copies of the test results. Hence why we declined to keep working with him.)

I can’t deal with the stress of this.  It’s too much.  Too much switching.  Too much triggering.  No more medicine. No more useless pills or useless tests.  If the hypertension kills us, it kills us.  The trick is not letting stuff like this make Victoria or Daria do it faster…

Why does this have to happen right now?? This is not a good day…a good week for this stuff.  Our hypertension is (semi) under control.  It’s been okay.  It’ll be fine.  We don’t need doctors.  We certainly don’t need an idiot doctor like him.

Why won’t he stop calling??

7 thoughts on “Kidney Doctor

  1. Bourbon

    It sounds like for whatever reason he really needs to let you know something. Is there any one else who can call him to find out what he wants as it sounds important? (and I understand your wish to really not have to deal with Dr’s right now)….

    1. penpaperandcrazy Post author

      The trick is we have to wait until we’re off work.
      With how often we’re on here, it probably looks like we can goof off, but we actually aren’t allowed any personal phone calls during shift. I’ve always explained this to my doctors, including this one, so it’s upsetting that he keeps calling and pestering us every 20 minutes like it’s an EMERGENCY, when obviously it can totally wait a couple hours being as we aren’t in active hypertension crisis currently.
      We get off early today though (in about a half hour) and I may be able to convince Charlotte to call him and ask what the hell he wants.

      1. Bourbon

        Oh right! Didn’t realise you were at work as well 🙂 It really annoys me when Dr’s wont just say things by voicemail. I guess its confidentiality and all that but still…. if you have something to say just tell me by voicemail is what I say! But I hate talking on the phone so….

      2. penpaperandcrazy Post author

        Well, my voicemail message isn’t automated or anything, it identifies it’s me (in my own voice) so they know for sure it’s just my phone. I wish they would just tell me what they want rather than leaving all these weirdly intimidating messages. We don’t like things that sound threatening like that….

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