Daddy needs to talk…

daddy just texted and said he needs to talk to us before sunday.

in person.

he leaves for italy on sunday and will be gone for two weeks.

we are excited about that.  we get to pet-sit our childhood cat, velvet.  she’s an awesome cat. we miss being able to see her everyday.

but why does he want to talk to us in person? we know how to take care of velvet- we did for over ten years. we know not to touch any of his stuff. we never ever do.

what does he want?

everyone is upset.

4 thoughts on “Daddy needs to talk…

  1. Bourbon

    Hey Armes, Yay for getting to pet sit your childhood cat! 2 weeks is a long time, that should be fun 🙂 I can understand the worry about what your daddy wants. I hope you find out soon. Sorry to hear everyone is upset 😦 xx

    1. penpaperandcrazy Post author

      thank you. i’m happy to see velvet. she lives with daddy because she is 16 years old and doesn’t like moving (or dogs).

      claire texted him a bit and told him we’re really busy this weekend. apparently it’s been changed to a “phone conference”. claire says daddy is very business-like.


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