Boys from the Dwarf

To cheer myself up today, I did a lot of Googling and WordPress searches on Red Dwarf, which is my favorite television show ever.

I know that seem strange for a number of reasons.

1. I’m a girl. It’s a goofy sci-fi show centering around 4 men. And not like, sensitively metrosexual men. Just gross, disgusting, dorky men.

2. I’m under the age of 30. This show technically came out in the late eighties. Technically that’s the decade of my birth. I also like Doctor Who (the OLD stuff). I’m an old soul at heart.

3. I’m American. I currently live in the Midwest. Most of us aren’t aware the British do anything besides Harry Potter and Doctor Who.

4. I’m not really nerdy at all. I don’t like video games (with the exception of Left for Dead, but only played at friend’s houses, as I do not own any game consuls).  I hate Lord of the Rings (don’t hurt me!). It’s surprising that I’m technological savvy enough to manage this blog. My area of expertise is law and pickles. I love shopping and shoes (and don’t even get me started on shopping FOR shoes).

5. I hate Star Trek (please don’t hurt me!)

6. Despite dealing with DID/MPD, every single one of us likes at least one episode of Red Dwarf, although Armes has a hard time getting the jokes sometimes. Rather strange. There isn’t much else we all like.

7. One of us had the biggest crush on Rimmer. Still does. I won’t tell you who, as it’s embarrassing to her.

Anyway, I’m loving how reading about other bloggers excitement for the new Series X (which you lucky Brits get in October!!) has given me such a smile on my face.  In particular this post and this hilarious one featuring SUPER interesting telephone poll photographs.

Now I just need to get the courage up to swing by Army’s apartment and pick up my DVDs. I really need the comfort-food-like quality of a Red Dwarf marathon.

Boys from the Dwarf!

6 thoughts on “Boys from the Dwarf

  1. Phoenix Rising

    We loved Red Dwarf! It’s still re-run a lot here in the UK, so we get to see it a fair bit! There was a marathon on this afternoon! Lister was always our fave, but mostly because he’s a Scouser, and so are we!
    Kind of looking forward to the new series, but hopefully it’ll be better than the last time they tried to reboot it. That was just dreadful.


  2. kate1975


    I do love Star Trek and lots of Science Fiction, sometimes really bad stuff, so I try not to judge what incongruent loves someone else has. But from the first time I saw Red Dwarf at 10pm at night on Public Broadcasting I was a fan and that was a long time ago. Have you seen the episode of bloopers? My favorite is when Rimmer says my H fell off. Lol.


    1. Pen Post author

      Ohhhhhh yes. I’ve seen everything Red Dwarf pretty much. Lol. My fan-ness is bad with regards to that particular show.

      I ❤ Rimmer so much. He is my absolute favorite. Chris is so funny and adorable behind the scenes.

  3. kate1975

    The new Star Trek releases May 17, with Cumberpatch, will you go see that? They are still denying that he is playing Khan, but rumors are confirming it again.


    1. Pen Post author

      Eh. Not a Star Trek fan. Red Dwarf is pretty much the limit of my sci-fi adoration (yeah, not even really a Doctor Who fan).
      But I have many many many friends who are Trekkie-ish, so I’ll probably end up getting dragged to see it.

      But I do really like Sherlock and Mr. Sexy Mc-Cumberpatch, so that’ll be worth the price of admission 😉


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