Official 30 Things That Cheer You Up

Here you are. I have finally come up with it! I had help from Germany, Texas, and Shadow Dragon!

I will give the questions in this post, and then add the answer and link when I write a post regarding it.  Feel free to snag the idea! It’s free!

Since I’m in the Midwest USA timezone, the first day will actually not be posted about until tomorrow night (24-ish hours from now), as here it’s still Friday, August 31st currently.

I’m actually looking forward to this a lot! I’m hoping to include a lot of pictures of me enjoying said things/activities too 🙂

Note: the topics are in no particular order

30 Things That Cheer You Up  (Rika: 30 Things That We Give a Flying Shit About)

              1. A role that cheers you up: hosting a party
              2. A food that cheers you up
              3. An event that cheers you up
              4. An animal that cheers you up
              5. A hobby that cheers you up
              6. An outside activity that cheers you up
              7. A vice that cheers you up: cigarettes
              8. A holiday that cheers you up
              9. A movie (or genre, if you’re like me and can’t pick just one) that cheers you up
              10. A TV show that cheers you up
              11. A spiritual/religious thing that cheers you up
              12. A physical activity that cheers you up
              13. A place that cheers you up
              14. A beauty/self-image thing that cheers you up
              15. A friend who always cheers you up
              16. A family (blood or chosen) member who cheers you up
              17. A “childish/little-type activity” that cheers you up
              18. Something scary that also can cheer you up
              19. Something related to music that cheers you up
              20. A drink (not necessarily alcoholic) that cheers you up
              21. An embarrassing thing about yourself that also tend to cheer you up
              22. A loner-type activity that cheers you up
              23. A cheering activity you love sharing with others
              24. A cheering activity you’re shy to or loathe to share with others
              25. A cheering activity you can completely lose yourself in
              26. A type of weather that cheers you up
              27. A clothing item that cheers you up
              28. A book that cheers you up
              29. A song that cheers you up
              30. Something new/never tried before that could cheer you up in the future!

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