Two small notes

Just wanted to mention two things.  This isn’t a real post-post, just a couple things to clear up.

Sorry for clogging up your reader.

1.  We changed the theme on the blog. It’s because despite liking the aesthetic look of the previous one, it didn’t allow us to do a lot of the navigation we needed to.  It wouldn’t even do a simple drop down list for the pages so we could show more than three. Hence the switch.  Apologies if it looks awful to you.

2. Kit’s back (you may have noticed some little changes in tone of entries, the category the entry was marked it, or our “Meet the Alters” page being slightly modified).
The 30 Day Challenge is actually her idea to try and smooth things back into where she likes them mentally.  She has firmly pushed Daria down though and made Charlotte a bit more comfortable. Things are starting to resemble some normality…

2 thoughts on “Two small notes

  1. Bourbon

    You aren’t clogging up the reader – I enjoy reading all posts from you. Glad things are feeling more normal to you! Xx


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