If this joint were mine…

Oh the things I would do if I were running this joint.  If I were in charge.

But it isn’t even a “consideration” because I’m too “impulsive” and “erratic”. I know the words you all really want to say. Just say them.

Slut. Skank. Nympho. Bad. Whore.

Impulsive…please. Don’t kid yourselves.

But if I were in charge, things would be better. Despite what you say. You say last year was my fault. Maybe you’re right. But these hangups ya’ll are having are not. I’ve washed my hands. I’ve moved on. I never look back.

We need more of that.

I may be bad, but I’m damn good at it.

Can any of you say the same?

1 thought on “If this joint were mine…

  1. aynetal3

    You have got one of the most interesting blogs I read – and we read a lot … mostly because you are so familiar with your parts and they are close enough to have interactions where they can contemplate themselves and one another. Seems a lot of life as a multiple is living in another’s fog. It seems you also have your share of problems with parts not always adding positively, so that others have to “make-up” in their own activities to get things positive again. No doubt there are a lot of things in your external world that drive anyone a little on the over the edge side. It seems like with every rock slide there is someone already at the bottom who’s reached for a broom and dustpan to clear away the rubble. I used to also fantasize Harriet. I never saw the movies, but will always count her as our most favorite childhood hero. I think it’s a part of us now in that we again read (visit the neighborhoods) of a lot of people – all multiples. Life just seems that much more wondrous! Hmm, thinking maybe I could interest you in a story about a Mouse and his Motorcycle too! 🙂

    Always our best,



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