Ephedrine is Magic

I shouldn’t take ephedrine.

It raises my normally high blood pressure to scary amounts.

However, as Shadow Dragon has mentioned in previous posts of her’s, I have been very very sick for going on about 3 weeks now.  I’m tired of it.  I’ve missed way too much work, I haven’t been able to be social much at all, I’ve been a terrible doggy-mommy to Zoe.

It got to a point Monday where I just couldn’t handle it anymore.  Fortunately, I also saw Army on Monday and he was nice enough to give me some of his “wonder drugs” he keeps on hand.  No worries, they aren’t illegal, and they’re technically over the counter.  They’re just restricted.

Because they have ephedrine.  Which if you didn’t know, can be used to make meth.

Basically it’s Speed in simple pill form.

I took some Monday and felt fantastic.  I skipped yesterday because I don’t want to die of a stroke or kidney failure.  Then yesterday I felt awful, threw up a couple times, had a headache (and had some emotional/friends crap I soooooo didn’t need to deal with, but that’s not something I really want to talk about), so it was a disaster anyway.  So today I took another dose.

I am freakin’ Wonder Woman.  Yes. I feel like I can do fucking anything right now.  I could stop a speeding train with the flick of my wrist.

Ok, maybe not.

But I can multitask at work without dying and pretend to be friendly towards my coworkers.  And that’s a big step forward.

Ephedrine is magic.

3 thoughts on “Ephedrine is Magic

  1. vwoopvwoop

    i’m sorry you’ve been so sick, and glad the ephedrine is helping…it sounds like you’re already aware of the problems it can cause and are being careful about it. 🙂 here’s to feeling better!

    1. penpaperandcrazy Post author

      We shall be careful. It is a semi-dangerous drug, especially for our system. But so is being financially destitute.
      Hopefully the body’s own actual immune system will start pulling its darn weight!

      1. vwoopvwoop

        a lot of our friends are sick at the moment, i think there’s something going around that seems to linger for weeks. i’m so sorry about that. i hope it starts to get better very soon!

        financial destitution is…well it’s a fear that no one should have to feel, like the fear of genuine hunger or having nowhere to live. i’m glad you have shadow dragon. and i’m glad you have your puppy dog. you matter, don’t forget it please. 🙂

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