Babysitting Experiences

Last night I had the pleasure of watching Shadow Dragon‘s lovely boys while she had a well-deserved night out with Puppy.

I learned some things

– Children softly singing along with Disney movies is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

– Conversation #1:
(Chatterbox [the older boy] is playing with his hotwheels. I am on Facebook…talking about airsoft guns.)
Chatterbox: You like this? *holds car up*
Me: That’s a cool gun.
Chatterbox: What? A gun?
Me: No. Wait. No. Car. Cool car. Not a gun. Crap. Sorry.

-Spitfire [the younger boy] will throw a tantrum at the drop of a hat. Or car. Best solution is to just ignore him.

– Conversation #2:
Chatterbox: Your dog licked me.
Me: She does that.
Chatterbox: Inside my mouth.
Me: Yeah…she’ll do that too.
Chatterbox: I let her.
Me: …uh. Ok then.
Chatterbox: It was gross. It tasted gross.
Me: I bet.

-Chatterbox’s response to Kryten on an episode of “Red Dwarf”:
“Why does his head look like that?”
“Well, he’s a robot…”
“A robot?”
“….but why does his head look like that?”
“Hahaha. Yeah. It’s just supposed to be silly.”

Shaped like a novelty condom

– Chatterbox insisted on trying a Flaming Hot Cheeto.  He then proceeded to run to the kitchen for a drink.  Kids are brave little bugger.

-Putting them to bed wasn’t as hard as I expected- besides Spitfire trying to sneak out of their bedroom a couple times.

All in all, it was a fun experience.

And SD and Puppy came back in a great mood which made me happy.  I love being able to feel like I’m finally beginning to pay them back for all their help.

And the kids are pretty adorable.

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