Minty Goodness

(Note: the answers to the Halloween trivia from yesterday are on that post now at the bottom of the page)

I absolutely hate the crampy, achy, pre-period feeling I get.  Hate hate hate.  Almost as much as I hate periods.

(male readers: isn’t this topic super interesting???)

I just have to thank the Powers that Be for Holiday Mint McFlu- I mean…minty ice cream treats that can be purchased at a popular fast food drive-thru.

Normally the speed at which December holiday-related items assault our various senses after Halloween annoys me.

But not when it’s a delicious, sweet, cold, melt in my mouth, minty awesome soft-serve cup of AMAZING.

Better than Midol, Pamprin, ibuprofen.  Hell, better than Vicodin.

It’s fantastic when the best solution is something so tame 🙂

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