A shudder and a whisper

why did she show us the paper she filled out?

why did we zoom in on a previous address she put down. the third one down. has Mother only lived in 2 places since that place?

we never knew the name of the street it all started on.

hide and seek. hide and seek.

oak grove lane.

a tree? but trees are safe. i like trees. i like to climb them and hide. He doesn’t climb.
i learned that fast.

why why why why did it have to be a safe name for that street?  that street wasn’t safe.  it should have been…
highway to hell road
full of demons drive
childhood lost forever avenue

i didn’t wanna know.  none of us wanted to know.  it needs to be erased.

at least it’s now a mcdonald’s.  the house doesn’t exist.

but the house was never the badpart.

hide and seek is an outside game.


with trees.

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