Stood Up – TW

(Trigger warning- dark thoughts and eating disorder talk ahead)

We got stood up tonight….

He literally left right after arranging to meet us for dinner with an excuse of “he forgot he had to work”.

That no good fucking asshole of a fuckwit. Can’t even manage to follow through on simple fucking dinner plans. This is why romance is a no good, rotten fucking idea. Only blows up in our goddamn faces. Why the hell do any of you pathetic idiots bother?

It’s because we’re disgusting and fat. He saw us for the first time in weeks and we are such a whale that he doesn’t want to be near us. I think I’ll try and find a buddy to do the ABC diet with. Maybe that will actually get rid of some of these flab and blubber. I’m just pitiful at doing it on my own. And you others always fight me. You know we’re a cow. That’s why no one wants us. If we had a perfect thigh gap then we’d be good enough.

10 thoughts on “Stood Up – TW

  1. Carol anne

    i sorry he stood you up. whats an abc diet? i tried lots of diets. none of them worked ever. i think we will always be fat forever.

    1. Pen Post author

      Abc is where you limit yourself to 500 calories or less per day. It stands for something to do with anorexia or something, which is silly because I don’t have an eating problem or disease. My body just needs less. Otherwise it gets fatfatfat.
      I haven’t found a diet that works yet either. I know the Abc diet will if the others would just let me stick with it….

  2. Phoenix Rising

    What a complete shit. That’s an appalling way to treat anyone. Lucky escape in a way, you all deserve so much better than him.
    Try not to let him and his lousy behaviour push you back in your healing. He doesn’t merit that kind of power over you. You’re worth so much more than that. Nobody needs to be skinny to have worth. We’re far from thin, but our partner loves us anyway, and still finds us attractive. It can happen, it just needs the right man, and you deserve nothing less than the best.

    Be safe, and hugs for all who want them *hugs*


    1. Pen Post author

      It’s mostly just his job. I don’t think he intends to be an asshole, even if that’s how I paint him occasionally when I’m freshly hurt. The medical industry is a bitch.

      He actually constantly tells me to stop worrying about my weight. Victoria’s rant is issues that we struggle with, not him. It was unfair of her to make it seem like he called us fat or ugly. He has never done that.

      But there are times when he’s so distant…

      It’s hard to know what I really want.

      I think that may be me. I’m not a very good reporter- I’m always completely bias and you readers don’t get the real story. I’m fond of painting people into villains.

      I’m the villain.


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