14 thoughts on “My Cuddle Bug

    1. Pen Post author

      You could use the cocaine to lure crackwhores to you. Once strung out, they’ll lie there and let you cuddle.

      I’ve probably just alienated like, 20% of my followers. At least. Lol.

  1. kate1975

    I know how you feel. Yesterday, in the middle of returning the moving truck, we stopped off to see my doggie baby. It made me feel happy for hours.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


    1. Pen Post author

      Haha. I knew there would be someone who’d notice it!

      I’m doing a bit better now, thank you for asking.

      Zoe is an angel. She’s an Aussie mix. I’m curious as what yours would have in them would like her, but white. Husky? Eskimo perhaps? I bet they are gorgeous though 🙂

      1. Middlemay Farm

        Our dog is a Maremma rescue. They give hugs to family but are known to be a bit iffy with strangers and today I have to bring her to the vet. Ugh. The vet is afraid of her. Oh, well. Glad you’re better.

      2. Pen Post author

        Aw. That would be a red flag for me. But perhaps the vet in your area just aren’t familiar with large livestock-type breeds?
        She sounds lovely. I’ve actually met a couple of those that a local farm uses. They do very well with children.

        My dog is iffy with strangers as well, especially men. It’s strange to me because I raised her from 6 weeks and she’s never been abused. In fact, she has a deep bond with my on-and-off boyfriend who helped raise her. So I’m not really sure why she doesn’t like strange men.

      3. Pen Post author

        Hahahahahaha. Perhaps too much influence from my hippie-feminist mother. That makes sense 🙂

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