Working Out

Yesterday my coworker/friend (Hannah) convinced me to be her workout buddy.

This is apparently a real thing in normal women-women friendships.  I’ve never done such a thing before.

But I like Hannah and I like the idea of working out.  Endorphins, right?  Not to mention weight loss! Hurrah!

We went to the gym she has a membership to yesterday after work.  She’s allowed to bring a guest for free (the third reason for me going- it’s free!).
The only gyms I’ve gone to before have been either an apartment complex’s, or the one my father has.

I’ve never been to a mega-center where they have just rows upon rows of various machines.

Hannah was nice enough to show me to the area of the women’s locker room that had private lockable rooms to change in, instead of the big open area (which a lot of women were doing -shudder-).  I still felt awkward because they have the private rooms buried in the back, probably to discourage people from using them.

I also was one of only like, two women wearing sweats that went all the way to my ankles (as opposed to capris or shorts).  And I was certainly the only woman under 150 lbs that was wearing full length pants.
Hannah commented (she was wearing shorts), which was awkward.  I made some half-assed joke about not having shaved recently that she accepted.

We mostly just stayed on the treadmills because she wanted to start easy.  We’re supposed to go back Wednesday and do more elaborate machines.  I forgot to bring my iPod or headphones to plug into their elaborate row of TVs.  I could literally choose between 8 different TVs lined up on the ceilings.

I’ll probably just bring my iPod.

Hannah also wants to try the “goose-stepping machine” (or Heil Burner as I distastefully call it. I’m a terrible person.).  That isn’t what it’s really call.  It’s something like the “arc trainer” or something.

Here’s a picture that’s almost the same thing.


Anyway, it was an interesting experience I suppose.  I don’t like the gawking aspect, but I think I can manage to ignore it for the possibility of weight loss.

And it was fun going out to eat afterwards at a Mexican place two doors down.

We’re supposed to go back Wednesday.

17 thoughts on “Working Out

  1. Grainne

    Good for you! You’re right….there’s not much to lose aside from a little weight if it’s free to join your friend! I have two super-workout gals next to my office. One used to teach some sort of dance/exercise class and she is rail thin with perfect muscle tone. The other preaches the joy of working out in the middle of her work day. I just can’t seem to make myself do it.

    Heck, we joined the YMCA just so I COULD work out when I felt like it. It’s been over a month and I’ve not gone once. *blushes* I wish I had someone to drag me. lol. Good luck with this…I hope it helps you in many ways!

    1. Pen Post author

      Hannah and I both commented on how having each other as a buddy makes us more inclined to go. Maybe you can find someone to go with you to the Y? I would if I lived close enough ❤

      1. Grainne

        I don’t really have any friends I socialize with outside of work so I’m sort of stuck with the work crew. They’re lovely but they’d kill me if I tried to keep up with them.

        I wish you could come with me too! Ah well, maybe I’ll meet someone there lololol. (How pathetic!)

      2. Pen Post author

        No, that’s a great idea! My mom goes to the Y and she has a couple workout buddies she coordinates her schedule with so they hang out. Occasionally they grab a bite after. Not a demanding friendship, but something to feel a bit social about.

      3. Grainne

        Oh wow…it DOES sound like a good idea when you say it. lol. 🙂 Thanks for the motivation. I’ll let you know when I manage it.

    1. Pen Post author

      Feel mostly good, at least. Hoping it stays that way. I’m not sure how long I can put off not wearing something other than full-length pants.
      I might be able to manage capris.

  2. kat

    Sounds like a positive thing! You get the workout/weight loss, plus, you’ve really solidified your friendship with this gal. Both are plusses! Enjoy!

  3. Mooselicker

    Heil Burner? I want a gym membership just to go there and say that out loud.

    I always hated being someone’s guest at the gym. Once we played basketball and some older boy was really mean to me.

    1. Pen Post author

      I haven’t said it out loud….yet!

      Really? I just can’t resist free things. The day I have to pay for sex, I’m out. Fortunately it hasn’t happened yet.

      I did get some catty stares for going into a private room to change. Apparently the other women were all secret lesbians and were offended by me not letting them see my nude body.


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