The Romantic Side

His hands are warm and dry, the grip firm as he tugs me over to his side of the couch.  I easily nestle against his chest.  The movie is terrible, but I feel like I could just drift off like this.

His hands ghost across my back, before slipping under my shirt and rubbing along my spine and shoulders.

“You seem tense along here.” He murmurs into my hair.
“Yeah.  New meds have this weird stiffness side effect.”  I reply.  He kisses the top of my head.
“Is the BP better at least?” His tone is hopeful
“A bit.  Starting to creep back up. But not anything dangerous yet.”

I smooth my cheek over his chest, seeking out the spot where I can hear his heartbeat.  My eyes drift close as I focus on the soothing rhythm.
“Are you even watching the movie?” A teasing tone this time.
“Not really.  It’s pretty bad.  I can’t even understand who we’re supposed to sympathize with- Jesse James or Robert Ford.”  He chuckles in agreement and the warm sound of it vibrates against my ear.

When I get up to turn off the TV so we can leave, his arms catch around my waist and he tugs me back into his lap.
“Nope.  Stay.” He insists, nuzzling the spot where my shoulder meets my neck.  A smile tugs at my face.  It’s been awhile since such simple actions push through the cobwebs of my heart and soul.  I feel something bubble slightly.  Some emotion I haven’t felt an awhile.

It’s later when we’re lying together, a good portion of my limbs draped over him that he gives me that sideways grin I love so much and reaches out to run his fingers along my side.
“I’m glad you’re here.  I like just being like this.”  He says softly.  My eyelids flutter.  He starts to say something else, but stops himself, deciding instead to press his lips against my forehead and eyelids multiple times.  Lightly, as if painting what he won’t say against my skin.  I resist the urge to chew my lip nervously.

When he walks me to my car, he promises (as much as he can) that he will get off work for my birthday.  With his dog’s face firmly pressed against my hip, one of my hands gently rubbing her ears in that way she adores, he kisses me one last time.

I tuck the whole night away in my mind to flip through and review for the next time it takes weeks to arrange for us to spend time together.

His girl Sofya (Zoe's foster sister)

His girl Sofya (Zoe’s foster sister)

5 thoughts on “The Romantic Side

  1. Grainne

    Sometimes that sort of closeness heals something in me. I’m glad you had that comfort. Sofya is a sweetheart…look at that face! xx Take peace and love where you can find it…that’s my two cents anyway.

    1. Pen Post author

      Thank you. It was an interesting evening. I feel a bit more confused on the moving in together situation. I’m not sure.
      But I’m going to just take this sweetness while I can.

  2. vwoopvwoop

    romance is *so* not my forte, so i won’t even pretend to have anything to say about it, but i really hope you’re happy and i’ve been thinking of you and i care and and and…hi *hugs*. 🙂

    1. Pen Post author

      Hi! How are you?

      Romance is totally not my forte either, haha. Hence why I so frequently write about it…. -straightface-
      It was…both nice and a bit unnerving to have him so focused on me. I’m not exactly sure how to feel about it. But I wanted to get the night’s experience down.

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