Puppies Outside Adventure

I don’t have much to say today, so instead I leave you with a sprinkling of pictures from the puppies’ adventure outside this past weekend.

outside 5 outside 4 outside 3 outside 2 outside 1The strange looking little pointy-eared terrier mix in the background of this one is my mother’s older dog Tippy.  She was very good with the puppies.
Zoe did not give two shits about my mother’s two older dogs (the other is camera shy).  I thought it was a nice safe introduction to non-family dogs for the puppies.

They’re doing very well lately.  Personalities are starting to finally emerge.

Also, a note, there was a miscount initially.  They are all boys except for a single lone female.  She’s the smallest brindle/brown one.

4 thoughts on “Puppies Outside Adventure

    1. Pen Post author

      I’m glad it gave you brightness too 🙂 I wanted something positive with all my negative feelings (and the post following this).

    1. Pen Post author

      They really are ridiculously fluffy. I’m not sure how their fur is going to be when they’re older. Zoe had ridic fluffy fur too, but then it grew out to be longer, slicker type fur (like an Aussie). The black one’s fur is a bit coarser than the other puppies. I think theirs is going to be more like a lab/retriever type fur.


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