9 thoughts on “Don’t Think

      1. Pen Post author

        Actually it’s because I live alone. The kitchen tries to sing me over and trick me. But I am stronger than that. I will be.

        I’m thinking of taking a bubble bath or watching a new horror movie I recently got.

  1. sortaginger

    I am working from home today and I totally get this. It so much more of a struggle when I don’t have others around “watching” me, but then I don’t eat at those times either. Double-edged sword.

    1. Pen Post author

      Yes. On the one hand, it’s harder to distract myself when I’m alone. But on the other, when I’m around friends and family, I have to eat at least a little in order to keep my secret.

  2. ems612

    I always feel more comfortable empty. It’s hard to eat when that feeling is so much more easy to sit with then being full and bloated!

    1. Pen Post author

      Too true. But some of the voices try to tell me that food is needed. Lots of it (a bite is even too much).
      It’s hard to shut those up.


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