Something different and positive

I am going to try and be positive.  And I’ve been working on this idea for a little bit now.

I have a new blog.

It’s a strictly positive one; because I need a space like that.  Penpaperandcrazy will still be my main one.

You can see that the new one had a specific point/theme: thank you letters.

I feel like I don’t acknowledge the support I get from friends and family enough.  And I’d like a place where I can go read all the good things that people have done when I’m feeling down.

Anyway, feel free to follow, but certainly not forced.  Many of you will be mentioned on it most likely at some point.


6 thoughts on “Something different and positive

  1. manyofus1980

    What an ace idea. I’m going to follow it. Thanks for the inspiration…I should put my other blog up for people to follow too if they want…its a recipe blog.


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