Something a bit different

I am officially back!

However, after the past couple weeks of funk-o-awful, I’ve decided I want to try something briefly different to shake myself up a bit.

Ya’ll know I’m a big fan of movies.  Normally horror is my thing, but I also hold a special obsession for mental-health related movies.

I decided I’m going to do a series of reviews for some mental-health related movies.

I’d love some help on this, for those of you so inclined.  I have a couple favorites I’m going to start out with, but I was hoping you lovely readers might have some suggestions for me?

So far I know I shall do the following:
Girl, Interrupted (one of favorites because it reflects my own psych ward experience in many ways)
Big Girls Don’t Cry (a German movie, technically more about growing up and friendship, but has special meaning for me)
Shutter Island (had to throw in a horror movie, of course)

Those are what I’m going to begin with.  Please suggest some more for me in the comments!

Also, I’m going to try the whole Twitter thing.  Don’t judge.  I’m just feeling some live time updates.  Feel free to keep an eye on me at: .

Please keep in mind it’s brand new, so there isn’t much going on right now.  Just something I’m trying for extra updates, since WP doesn’t like working with my phone, which is all I use when I’m away from work.

Happy to see all of you!

30 thoughts on “Something a bit different

  1. Bourbon

    Hmmm- 20 days, with Sandra Bullock (about addiction). Manic (about a young Persons institution). The DID ones? Sybil? The ward? Those sorts?

      1. Pen Post author

        I recently obtained a copy of this one. It was highly disturbing to my system. Not exactly sure why. Perhaps a second watch may be warranted. Try to make it feel safer. Maybe it’s just Jack Nicholson?

    1. Bourbon

      The number 23, memento, the machinist. I am Sam. Matchstick men. Black swan. Rain man. Borderline. Butterfly effect. Melancholia. Fight club.

      1. Pen Post author

        AAAAh. I can’t stand The Number 23. Lol. All I hear is my father (who has two math-related Masters degrees) bitching about the bullshit of the whole movie. Plus…Jim Carey -shudder-

        I have been wanting to see Black Swan. I’ll add that. I like Butterfly Effect and Fight Club, but I feel they’re messages are as related to mental-health much. And they’re super maintstream.

        You have such fantastic ideas! ❤ ❤

      1. Pen Post author

        Spider? I don’t know that one….I’ll check that one out two!

        I love that you added so many ideas. Of course there’s waterfall from my fellow DID-er ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I adore that.

    2. Pen Post author

      Ah yes, I actually own 28 Days (I love that one, especially since Vicodin is one of my vices), I should definitely include that one.

      I dislike Sybil for some reason, but I’d love to include The Ward. Great ideas!

    1. Pen Post author

      It was! I shall add that one too. I saw it at a drive-in actually. And it has one of my girl-crushes! Hurrah!

  2. kat

    oh! the shining (Jack Nicholson) (how could I forget that one!? and it’s a nice horror flick too!) and don’t forget Clockwork Orange, either! this is not a movie, but a tv series–Dexter. and how about Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. and Psycho (the original), 7 Psychopaths, and The Heathers (Christian Slader).

    Thats a few to get you started, lol.

    1. Pen Post author

      Probably not The Shining. I have issues with Jack Nicholson. Clockwork Orange is a bit too triggery for my system. But I’ll definitely check out those other ideas 🙂

      You consider The Heathers a mental-health movie? I always considered just a black comedy. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but I’m not sure how it addresses mental-health. Besides that high school was just a cesspool of crazy, but that’s a general fact. Did you ever see Jawbreaker? I always a double feature with those two movies would be fun 🙂

      1. kat

        well, about The Heathers, ya, I consider Christian Slader’s character to be mentally ill with obstructive defiant disorder (aka children without a conscience) + having psycopathy and being a sociopath. Sure he may kind of be a dark hero at first, but then the extent of his illness is shown, and it is alluded to that his illness is caused by trauma and abuse from his dad. The girl is the healthy constant to which he and the culture are being compared. this is seen at the end when she finally stops him.

      2. Pen Post author

        So general horror movie, basically 😉
        No offense to that mental condition, but I find it a common cop-out for “darker” movies when they want a “general psychopath”. It’s rarely a real in-depth examination of the condition.

        Still a good movie, but probably not one I’ll do for my reviews. I was wanting to focus more on ones I can relate too.

        Thank you for your thoughts though ❤ If you lived close, I'd say we should do the double-feature!

    1. Pen Post author

      I know, right! I got a wonderful waterfall of ideas! I won’t need to search for awhile, haha!

      Happy to see you there as well! I’m glad to have another way to not feel alone at night. That’s when my mind goes to dark places.

      1. sortaginger

        Watch what you wish for, I tweet way too much when I watch TV. But yeah, I also love it late at night and usually add a bunch of people to follow when I am bored or stressed. Never a dull moment!

    1. Pen Post author

      Hah. Of course you are.

      So I see Lily on Twitter, but not you. I assume you have one? Or am I not allowed to hear your hilarious antics in real time? Or are you just that uncool?

    1. Pen Post author

      Can I ask what makes you think Mean Girls is a mental-health related movie? I don’t see that myself. I consider it a teen comedy, like Jawbreaker.


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