Finally a doctor

As I’ve mentioned in passing, I officially have a doctor’s appointment today.  With a doctor!

It’s taken about…6 months of being given various ridiculous roundabouts and bullshit and lies and insurance trouble, etc. etc. 

The one I’m seeing is actually one I saw when I was first an official adult and had to stop seeing my pediatrician.  He (yes, he) is my mother’s doctor.  I honestly can’t remember why I stopped seeing him.  But I don’t get a negative sort of feeling when I think about it.  I get sort of a “shrug” feeling.

I’m hoping he isn’t bad.  We mostly don’t like males for a GP, but my mother really likes him and at this point, we can’t afford to be too picky.  He just won’t be doing any of the girly exam type things.

Anyway, the appointment is this afternoon.  I’ve been feeling horrendous and my BP readings have all been above 180/130.

I dreamed last night he called a local hospital to get me admitted and run a bunch of special tests.  My mother wanted to take me back to the hospital last night when I had my worse reading of the day.  But I just want to get to this doctor first.  The ER/hospitals say they won’t do much more for me until I have a reliable general practitioner anyway.

So here’s hoping for the beginning of actually finding what it wrong with me.  The forefront theory is still some sort of autoimmune disease.

I’ll keep ya’ll posted if I can.


15 thoughts on “Finally a doctor

    1. Pen Post author

      Thank you! I am smitten, despite some drawbacks (I’m about to write about it). But that bodes well in my opinion.

    1. Pen Post author

      Haha, he actually noticed that I have the constant red nose/top of the cheeks, like some people with Lupus. It’s something a lot of doctors notice. My chest runs pink most of the time too. But he thinks it’s just the high BP flushing me.
      So far I like him 🙂

      1. Wanderer

        I just read your post and I’m so glad! I’m a sucker for Gregory House references. If he was my real doctor, I would cry, though.

  1. Mental Mama

    I hope it all went well/is going well. I also have a male GP, a female GYN, and a wonderful female shrink. My very first GYN when I became an adult was a guy and he made the mistake of telling me I had great hips for childbearing. I saw him precisely one time.

    1. Pen Post author

      Yeah. I could never do a male GYN. Dunno about shrink. It’s hard to tell. But so far this doctor is entirely acceptable and I like him (as you saw on FB, no doubt 😉 )

  2. Lupus Adventurer

    A very important positive step toward a diagnosis is getting in to see a good doctor. Best wishes in your diagnostic and treatment journey. May it prove to be something that can be managed in such a way to improve your quality of life. LA

    1. Pen Post author

      Why thank you. I appreciate you stopping by with your kind words. I think diagnosis is more than half the battle. It’s all about finding out what you can actually arm yourself with out there in disease/illness land.
      Warm thoughts,


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