Doctor Update

The link for this post informs me this is the second time I’ve updated ya’ll on my doctor experiences.

I believe the last one was the disastrous nephrologist.  This time is much better.

I really like this doctor.  According to the records he flipped through (which I was impressed by his meticulousness) I saw him at the end of high school as well.  Looks like from about age 16-20.


The short of it is he’s wonderful.

1.) He thoroughly went through all my history, family, personal, hospital, tests, the WHOLE nine yards.

2.) Though he prescribed additional meds for me to try, it was only two and one was only a water pill to help my current ones and the one new one work better.  I appreciate not being littered in meds.

3.) The gentleman calls me AT HOME at 9:00pm to check on me! I’ve never had a doctor do that! Even though my former favorite GP would call to check on me, it was always during business hours and really only when I seemed uneasy and requested a double-check.  He was concerned about my BP reading at his office (210/160) and throwing the new meds at me.  He became further concerned because…

4.) My BP started dropping rapidly.  It went to 131/92 at 7 or 8pm, then by 10pm it was at 114/68.  He stated it is not normal for BP meds to drop it like a stone like that.  I also have been feeling like I have the beginnings of the flu (clammy, lightheaded, queasy, etc.).  He stated that makes sense with such a dramatic drop.

5.) So he reduced and adjusted the plan for meds today and pulled back some of them.

6.) And I have a follow-up appointment tomorrow morning.

He also touched a bit on mental-health (I tried to be honest in the paper evaluation that touched on it) but was kind about coming back to it, since the hypertension is more pressing at the moment.  But I feel like he isn’t going to leap at me.  He was so very very sweet about my memory problems (he wanted to know a lot of details but I couldn’t recall them; especially hospital details, where I tend to disassociate the most).

So besides the feeling crummy from the dramatic BP drop, I am happy and content with this set of events.

Hoping to start feeling more like myself here soon!

18 thoughts on “Doctor Update

  1. Wanderer

    So happy to hear the appointment went well! I hope he is able to figure some things out and that he is a nice, stable GP for you to continue seeing!

    1. Pen Post author

      Thank you. It takes so much stress off my shoulders to have him now. I’ve done the doctor struggle for so long.

    1. Pen Post author

      😀 I really could not be happier (besides the weird BP fluctuating). Now if I could just find a dream therapist.

  2. Alice L

    I’m so glad you’ve found a doctor you like! It’s so much harder than people think. I hope things continue to look up.


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