Older puppies

This past Sunday I went to a mini-puppy playdate with two of Zoe’s puppies that a friend adopted.  The lucky boys are my favorites and get to grow up together- I was so happy to find them such a good home.

Their newborn nicknames were Red and Japan, but their new family has named the Brutus and Bandit.
Brutus is the one who is almost the spitting image of Zoe and Bandit is the one with the white stripe.


2013-08-25 14.49.07 2013-08-25 14.49.42 2013-08-25 14.51.25 2013-08-25 14.51.28 2013-08-25 14.55.51 2013-08-25 14.56.11 2013-08-25 14.56.18

12 thoughts on “Older puppies

    1. Pen Post author

      Sort of.
      She sniffed them intently at first, following them around as they explored the dog park.
      Then they played a bit of chase. Then they laid down (like in the pictures).
      Unfortunately they didn’t play much because my friend was late so Zoe had been running around the park for 45 minutes already and was pretty tuckered by the time the puppies arrived.
      Next time hopefully they’ll play more.

      1. Grainne

        Aw, sounds like she had a good run in the park anyway. 🙂 I so miss having a dog. My son is utterly terrified of them though, so, it’ll be a while before I get another. All thanks to a snippy Jack Russle who nipped him once. *sigh*

      2. Pen Post author

        Ack. Yeah, I dislike little dogs for that reason. They seem so quick to get nippy, especially with children.

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