Hypertension Blues

Blood pressure is up again.  


Thrown up a couple times.  Then once it settled a bit, tried all the emergency/extra meds the doctor gave me that I’m supposed to take when it goes above the danger zone.  Not helping.

I’m just really getting so very done with this whole thing.  I just want to be a normal person without these issues.  

I want to be able to make plans and hangout with people and not worry about a BP spike that causes me to be curled up in pain (or throwing up) for hours.  

I want to be able to go to work and not go to the bathroom to cry or throw up, then go back to my desk to force myself through files because I’m out of leave time.

I just want to be healthy.

I feel like I’m being punished.  Everything I try to do or change to help makes no difference.  I don’t even know what to think anymore.  I really don’t.

I’m just going to go home after work and take some sleeping pills.  I just can’t deal with this.

14 thoughts on “Hypertension Blues

    1. Pen Post author

      It’s a bit better today. I’m going to try and manage the dog park tonight. We’ll see. The beau is also being all “we have to hang out ’cause I haven’t seeeen you” so I may cave and let him watch a movie with me.
      Hopefully he doesn’t expect anything further. Ain’t happening. Bad for the blood pressure, ya know…

      Hope you are well!

    1. Pen Post author

      Thank you! The hugs helped- I’m feeling better today. Rewarding myself and Zoe with a dog park trip tonight!

      Hugs back!!

    1. Pen Post author

      It helped! You’re like, psychic 😉

      And tonight I’m going to try to drag myself to the dog park because Zoe deserves it.

  1. Grainne

    When the physical issues meet the emotional/mental ones, live is one big overwhelming moment. I know. xoxo I’d do just that….go home and sleep. Take care of you first. I’ll be thinking of you…I’ve had a yucky day so far as well. xo

    1. Pen Post author

      You take it easy too. Can have my favorite brain twin feeling sick too! XOXOXO
      I’m feeling a bit better today, thankfully. Going to try and make a trip to the dog park tonight. Thank you for your thoughts! ❤


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