I know her secrets.

I know when she says “I miss you” she means “I love you”.

I know when she says “I wish you were here” she means “please don’t leave me”.

What a dumb bitch.

I do like that she’s screwing herself over though. Less work for me.

He is getting too close. Wanting too much. We don’t need that. That is badbad. Dangerous. Notgood.

Alone is better. This whole “romance” bullshit just drags everything into darkness and destruction.

…though destruction at least means things won’t be boring.

All these secrets she keeps from herself. Just going to collapse. Soon soon soon.

4 thoughts on “Secrets

  1. Mental Mama

    But really, what would be so wrong with just letting it happen? See if Army really is up to the challenge of loving you? It could be a really good thing, don’t you think?

  2. GrayEyedAthena

    Alone is boring; you know this better than anyone. Even if you’re traipsing the path towards destruction, it’s not really destruction until you get there. And maybe all these complicated pieces of the path are worth being here to experience, at least for the sake of experiencing them.


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