The Alters

Note: These are only the alters we are aware of. Like many systems, there are further ones still behind that amnesia/blackout wall

Kit is not technically the body’s original personality. That was fractured and destroyed a long time ago. I supposed the argument could be made that Kit is “just another alter”.  However, Kit is one of the oldest, most complete, and closest to the original personality.  Because of this, we came to the (mostly) unanimous consensus years ago that she should be the one to be “host” most of the time.  She loves long drives in the car, reading, watching horror movies, hanging out with close friends, and eating pickles.
Kit is also a nickname I’ve had for over a decade, so when some people refer to me as “Kit”, they don’t necessarily mean this alter. The handle/screenname “kitkatfox” is one I’ve used on the internet since I was very young on a variety of websites, so people who met me through the internet tend to call me “Kit” all the time.

A highly sexual alter.  Extremely self-destructive and has a high goal of tracking down male sexual partners. She does not usually deal well with women. Tends to smoke a lot.  She denies a lot of the abuse that took place, especially the sexual.

Rika (Ree-kah):
The earliest known protector alter.  Main distinguishing factor is that she cusses like a sailor.  She gets mostly fed-up with a lot of the self-destructive behavior of the other alters.  She is also an “always sober” alter who will take over to keep the body out of non-self-destructive harms’ way.

Our version of a Navigator-type alter. She is aware of almost all the alters. She is very philosophical and spiritual.  She adores children and reads the Tarot. This blog is mostly her idea to try and sort out lost time and keep things as cohesive as possible.

A compulsive writer and dreamer.  Our system’s Scribe (see Claire’s scribbles). She’s a bit of a romantic, but only in her head as she’s extremely shy (especially around men).  She has knowledge of a lot of the abuse that took place, due to her compulsive need to write it down.  It’s not that she has personal memories, it’s just she sort of “interviews” the alters that do. Prefers to be called Claire.

Serefina (Sara-feenah):
The “workaholic” alter.  Highly professional and logical, handles most of the highly demanding activities and responsibilities of our systems’ career. Handles job related stress well, but has a hard time dealing with social situations.

Armes (Are-mays):
A “little-type” alter. Likes coloring, shopping, and playing with trusted friends’ hair.  She is easily triggered by many things and rarely remains in control for long.  She is one of the few alters that has memory of a lot of the abuse. She adores our dog, Zoe and is really only comfortable when out alone with Zoe.

A loner-type alter. Enjoys baking, reading, composing music, playing piano, and most activities that do not involve any other people. Addicted to pain pills.

She is very self-destructive (self-harm like cutting, burning, and anorexia/starvation) and has very low self-esteem. However, she will do anything to avoid doctors.  Has a secret love of brushing and styling the body’s hair.

(formerly ‘badgirl’) She is an alter who is also extremely self-harming.  She likes to down pills (at a much less controlled rate than Midori) and then either damages the body herself, or gets Victoria to do it.  She holds a lot of anger, pain, and self-loathing.  Seems to be either an older sort of little, or possible a “teen” alter.  Her name comes from an Italian horror director she (and Kit) love.

An alter that developed out of our father’s requirements for showing no emotions or talking most of the time we were young.  Mute does not really have a gender, though it’s probably the closest we have to a male alter.
It doesn’t have emotional reactions to situations or persons.  It rarely talks (hence the name), but will occasionally communicate very briefly in German.  Our friends in high school (especially Germany) broke us of the innate urge to not express ourselves 90% of the time and Mute sort of fell away.  I know Mute still exists, as there are still times it surfaces briefly (mostly around our father).

She is our “mother-type” alter, more so than Roms.  She was created to help care for our brother when we were younger and developed a dangerous codependency on one of our exes (Katherine) that caused an extreme backlash when we were dumped.  But she ended up surfacing again to handle our pregnancy in 2011 before we miscarried 5 months in.
She disappeared after that and only surfaces in shadows and fragments.


We wrote an entry explaining some of the alters different and elaborate names.  If you’re interested, click here

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