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Two sides to a coin

This evening was going well as I happily hung out with friends and starting filling out a rental app for a house that Mom and I are considering. We’re excited.

Army and I are texting back and forth here and there and out of nowhere he tells me he got a notice from our previous landlords saying we owe almost $2000 for things we didn’t do (it claims we “changed circuitry” when we plugged lights into a wall).

I start freaking out because I’m supposed to attest to perfect rental history in this application I’m filling out. History I thought I had. And I so do not want to ruin this chance for my mother.

I’m stressing and everyone; friends, Mom, Army, are trying to calm me down.

Amazingly, it’s Army who does it. I don’t even know how exactly. He’s learned my buttons and trigger so well it’s scary.

He then continues to improve my night by telling me he has something amazing and special planned for us the next time he gets a chunk of time off work.  That he wants to make up for not being able to see me.  That he wants to pamper me.

I’m trying so hard not to be charmed because I hate that vulnerable feeling.

But I am. Utterly and completely.

This night is ending with me smiling and daydreaming about ridiculous possibilities…

Silly girl.