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“A Paramedic’s Story” – review

Grey (my brother) lent me this book a bit ago and I just finished it today.

“A Paramedic’s Story” by Steven “Kelly” Grayson is not so much a single narrative story as it is chopped up bits and excerpts from his EMT and paramedic experiences.

I decided to read it, despite my triggery issues with the medical industry.  Mostly because of Army, who is a EMT in the middle of getting his paramedic certification.  Kelly, the author and narrator of these collection of stories, has the exact same snarky, cocky, but heart-of-gold attitude that Army does.

It’s a good book.  It’s well-written and the humorous but caring way Kelly describes his various calls is entertaining while still being fulfilling.
I will warn anyone interested in checking it out though- Kelly is liberal with his medical talk.  He only explains the most complicated terminology and assumes that you must be at least semi-aware of some of the basic and intermediate terms.
There were a lot of texts to Army along the lines of “Why does this guy keep giving something called ‘nebulizer cocktail’ to his pickups? Especially from nursing homes.”

The last chapter did throw me for a loop.  Still having a bit of trouble from it.  Let’s say it combined my medical-trigger with my babies-trigger.  I still consider it a highly worthwhile read.

It also helped me sort things out about how I feel about Army.  I think I could be okay with a possible step forward.  This book has me feeling a bit “extra connected”, if that makes any sense.

Of course, now I have the problem of trying to figure out what on earth to read next…