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The first thing we do…let’s kill all the computers

I’m not normally a huge Shakespeare fan .  I do respect the works, but not one of those nerds about him- give me Poe any day.   But my mother used to have his quote “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers” from Henry VI in her office.  She considers it the first true lawyer joke (she’s one of those attorneys that loves lawyer bashing jokes).

Today however, I am pissed at computers.

I have had no less than 40 files (I’m including pictures) disappear from my work computer this morning.

Including my uber-important-super-duper-better-not-fuck-it-up database log that keeps track of all my program’s client intake, transfers, and submissions.

I have the version from two week ago, as I re-save them ever two weeks.  But now I have to possibly recreate two weeks of data from my head????  There will be some help from emails and the program’s website, but only a tidbit.

I’m so fucked.

And so pissed at computers.  Let’s kill them all.  Shakespeare style.

Or modern style....whichever.

Or modern style….whichever.