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Interlude of Puppies

More puppy interlude.

I’m sure you guys hate it 😉


Zoe is being a surprisingly good and attentive mom


They look like lil’ mole rats right now…

As for how she’s doing…
This morning I let her out to go to the bathroom.  I didn’t bother with a leash because I took her collar off to make her more comfortable with the puppies and she demanded to go out faster than I could put her collar on.  She’s a pretty obedient dog in general, so I wasn’t too worried.

Suddenly, a stray dog comes up while she’s peeing and her “ridge” (this fur along her back that raises in a hyena-like response to anger, anxiety, or fear) is immediately up.   I’m worried about her being aggressive, but she politely greets the strange canine.  Now I’m worried about her running off down the alley after it.

Suddenly she turns to me, wide-eyed and trills a little whine, bolts back to the apartment door, goes up on her hind legs and trills at me again.  I immediately open the door and she scurries inside and checks on her puppies immediately.

No worries about my girl’s maternal instinct now.   She’s a good mom.  I’m proud of her.

List of Happy

After the last post and this past weekend, I’ve decided to take stock on the things/people currently making me happy.

1. Zoe: Obviously. Even now, she is pressed tightly next to me, though upside down, and will give me kisses anytime I lean over close to her face.

2. Grey: He not only visited me over the week to break up my lonliness, but we’ve been chatting and getting along great lately.

3. My mom: She is trying so hard to do a couple huge life changes for herself, including finding a new residence and new job, and it’s super stressful I’m sure. But she always makes time for me and checks in daily to see how I am without being nosey or persistent.

4. My job: It drives me nuts half the time (especially today), but I do love it and I did get the raise I deserved. There’s also talk of finally increasing my hours. Yay, more money!

5. Finding a house: I can finally stop being a burden on Shadow Dragon, which I struggle more and more with every day. The house I’m looking at will be with my mom, which is probably very “high school” of me. However, we are close friends and have practically a “Gilmore Girl” relationship anyway.

6. Army: I struggled with putting him on this list because he drives me up the wall a lot of the time, but he also says sweet things, makes me laugh, and gets my boundaries, which is more than I can say for most of my other attempts at non-platonic relationships.

Now the trick is to keep these in mind when the going gets tough…


So the theme I ended up pinning down is “30 Days of Stuff That Use to Really Cheer Me Up”.

Hm. I should probably try and figure out a shorter way to say that.

Rika wanted to call it “Things I Used to Give a Shit About” but that seems a bit excessive.

Unfortunately, I’ve only come up with 24 things.  I’m doing it in advance so that I won’t get bogged down by that apathy of depression and go “Ehhhh, I ran out of ideas. I give up.”

But obviously I suck already.

I sent an email to Germany and Texas requesting additional items (if anyone would know, they would).

Hopefully they’ll be able to complete the list and then I can begin!