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A Message For those random search terms

Good afternoon to you, Random Searcher of blog terms.

Yes.  Landlords do suck. 

I’m not sure when I ever addressed that though, so I apologize that you stumbled across my blog.  It is most obviously not a main subject of discussion in this space of the internet. 

I do acknowledge your pain though.  Having lived as a renter since I was kicked out of my father’s house on my high graduation day, I certainly do understand.

Most recently, at my new apartment, my landlord does not even return my phone calls and has yet to give me a copy of my signed lease.  I would be more annoyed, but I guess I don’t really have that much going wrong that I need to speak to her about and later I can use it as blackmail when she claims I’m doing something that pisses her off. 
Being a paralegal, I can talk legal circles around many subjects, but especially property management (as that is my area of expertise after criminal law).

I do wish you luck on finding a landlord that does not suck, but so far the only time that happened for me was when I briefly rented my mother’s second property. 
But that may have been because she birthed me from her loins and that gave her just a twinge of sympathy.  However, I will admit that our relationship improved drastically when she was no longer my landlord.

So apparently all landlords suck.

Would you like a cookie instead?

P.S.  In filling in the tags of this post, I noticed that “landlords suck” did actually already exist.  I seem to have forgotten I wrote something regarding that before.  Good on you, Random Searcher for finding something that was actually semi-relevant.  As opposed to my many many many many many other unrelated and mostly extremely gross and creepy search terms.

Two sides to a coin

This evening was going well as I happily hung out with friends and starting filling out a rental app for a house that Mom and I are considering. We’re excited.

Army and I are texting back and forth here and there and out of nowhere he tells me he got a notice from our previous landlords saying we owe almost $2000 for things we didn’t do (it claims we “changed circuitry” when we plugged lights into a wall).

I start freaking out because I’m supposed to attest to perfect rental history in this application I’m filling out. History I thought I had. And I so do not want to ruin this chance for my mother.

I’m stressing and everyone; friends, Mom, Army, are trying to calm me down.

Amazingly, it’s Army who does it. I don’t even know how exactly. He’s learned my buttons and trigger so well it’s scary.

He then continues to improve my night by telling me he has something amazing and special planned for us the next time he gets a chunk of time off work.  That he wants to make up for not being able to see me.  That he wants to pamper me.

I’m trying so hard not to be charmed because I hate that vulnerable feeling.

But I am. Utterly and completely.

This night is ending with me smiling and daydreaming about ridiculous possibilities…

Silly girl.