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Sucess and the Art of Ignoring

After that whole fretting thing in my last post I thought I should inform you all that the date went very well.

So well, in fact, that we actually went out again on Sunday.  And he actually went to museum with me- I’ve never dated anyone willing to do that.  He even seemed to enjoy it.  How strange.

We saw “Warm Bodies” (which was FANTASTIC) and had a couple of lovely dinners (on two separate days, obviously).  He seems really awesome and sweet and funny and a little bit awkward, but that works out because I’m a little bit awkward myself.

I’m trying to not let this stuff get away from me.  That is always a bad idea.  But I seem to have nicely accomplished that so far.  I’m letting myself have that nicely warm feeling but not dwelling or daydreaming like I (*ahem* Claire mostly) usually do.

There is a bit of recoil, like usual when it comes to a new relationship but I think I’m doing a great job ignoring it.  For the most part.  Victoria is livid over us eating a healthy dinner two days in a row so she’s fighting hard on the restricting front, but I’m too warm-feeling to even care.  In fact, I’m even going to a friend’s house tonight for dinner.  I think I’m actually winning against Victoria for once.  That’s never happened.

Apparently there’s something magical about the dating game…


I suppose I need to come up with some alias since I’ll be taking about him for at least another week (we plan to get together again this weekend).

Let’s go with……