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Friday Reflection

Good news:  My coworker/mentor really liked the necklace.  And she was floored to find out I made it, which is a high compliment from her (she’s very chic and buys most of her clothes and jewelry from very high-end stores).

Bad news: I started my period.

Bad news: The cramps are really bad this time around (the cramps are debilitating about every 3rd or 4th period I’ve had since the miscarriage.  Probably not a good thing, but I hate doctors looking anywhere near my naughty bits.)

Good news: The coffee shop downstairs had ice cream.

Good news: And pickles

Good news: It’s Friday!

Good news: I’m done with work

Good news: My coworker gave me six free tickets to a comedy show for Sunday night

Bad news: I’m having trouble finding anyone to go with me…

Bad news: This period thing is gonna make my weekend suck…

And that is my current tally of pros and cons for the day. I’m trying to not feel down, as that is a lot of pros.


(apologies in advance for any male readers we may have)

For some reason I’m experiencing the worse cramps ever right now.  It doesn’t really make any sense because I had my period recently, so there’s no way I’m due. And the only time I’ve ever gotten cramps is the first day or two of my cycle.

Shadow Dragon (my roommate) did point out the fact that I’m living with her now, so it could be the whole “syncing cycles” thing (which I always found really creepy and freaky).  However, I’ve never had that happen to me before.  Not even when I lived with my girlfriend for 5 years.  I mean, we’d have our cycles rather close together, but I never had my body “re-align” or whatever.

It didn’t do that for my mom, when I lived with her after being hospitalized, didn’t happen when I stayed with a female friend of mine for a bit.

So I’m back to wondering. Maybe it’s stress or something.

All I know is it effin’ hurts. Like a bitch.