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ED Recovery App without the stress/guilt!

The absolutely gorgeous lady over at The Fat Ballerina posted about a Recovery Record App available for FREE for most smartphones and tablets.

I just downloaded it and haven’t had a chance to explore it thoroughly, but what I read so far on the description and reviews has me excited.

Here’s something that may manage to let me track and log like my brain likes to do; but keep it as positive and guilt-free as possible.  Perhaps avoid too much triggering and encourage some better eating habits.

Please let me know if any of you have already tried it and have opinions or if any of you happen to try it out here soon and want to let me know what you think!

Remember; you are beautiful and braver than you realize!  Be gentle with yourself!


This post is a huge thank you.

A thank you to my blog friends, who sent me lovely emails and pictures to cheer me up.

Manatee hug

From Sortaginger – a laugh and a smile  (and MintyThings was nice enough to direct me to a whole website of cute manatee pictures!!)




Pen the penguin

Another one from SortaGinger – she can really work those meme generators like magic. I’ve never had my name on one 🙂








And the wonderful VwoopVwoop even drew me a picture.  It’s going on my fridge.  Once I can get a color ink printout to do it justice.

She even got the spotted one perfectly!

She even got the spotted one perfectly!

I feel very warm and fuzzy to have such lovely supportive friends.  So many of you emailed me.  It meant a lot.  I never thought this could be a place where I could reach out and get that support.

I also had some great real-life friends reach out as best they could.  Sometimes I don’t give them enough credit because I’m not forthright or honest about my mental-health 99% of the time.  But that isn’t fair to them.  They can’t be psychic.

I wish there was a code word I could give friends and family that meant “I’m feeling bad mentally and need you to just sit and talk with me about bullshit because I really don’t want to get into it and have you judge the shit out of me and how messed up I am but I’m scared of what I’ll do if I’m alone right now.”

A mouthful, huh?

My codeword internally used to be “windchimes”.

Also, funny story, I was talking to USAA the other day (a financial company where I have a bank account and my car insurance) and their normal security check system was down, so they had to ask me for my “pass code”.   I made this code over 5 years ago.  I started freaking out because how the heck am I supposed to remember a code I never use that I made so many years ago.
Then the rep said “I can give you a hint”.

I asked for it and she replied “Danger”.

I laughed and said “windchimes”.  The rep sort of chuckled and was like “That’s a strange association”.  I agreed.  But I know what it means.  It’s hardwired into me.

Ahem.  That was a big tangent.

The point is, I’m doing better.  Not completely well, but better.  And I’m so thankful to all of you.

Lots of love,
Pen ❤ ❤ ❤

Damaged Road to Recovery

This road we’re on is full of potholes.  It is littered with broken glass, sharp turns, deep shadows, dips, and rough patches.

It’s usually night on this road, but if we’re lucky it may be a misty or foggy twilight.  Sometimes there is a carriage or cart supplied by a loved one to help us along this road.  But mostly we have to walk it with our own two feet.

Our feet are sometimes sprained or broken and we have to stop and take a long rest.

But we push forward.  Reaching the end of this road makes all the difference in the world.