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Babysitting Experiences

Last night I had the pleasure of watching Shadow Dragon‘s lovely boys while she had a well-deserved night out with Puppy.

I learned some things

– Children softly singing along with Disney movies is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

– Conversation #1:
(Chatterbox [the older boy] is playing with his hotwheels. I am on Facebook…talking about airsoft guns.)
Chatterbox: You like this? *holds car up*
Me: That’s a cool gun.
Chatterbox: What? A gun?
Me: No. Wait. No. Car. Cool car. Not a gun. Crap. Sorry.

-Spitfire [the younger boy] will throw a tantrum at the drop of a hat. Or car. Best solution is to just ignore him.

– Conversation #2:
Chatterbox: Your dog licked me.
Me: She does that.
Chatterbox: Inside my mouth.
Me: Yeah…she’ll do that too.
Chatterbox: I let her.
Me: …uh. Ok then.
Chatterbox: It was gross. It tasted gross.
Me: I bet.

-Chatterbox’s response to Kryten on an episode of “Red Dwarf”:
“Why does his head look like that?”
“Well, he’s a robot…”
“A robot?”
“….but why does his head look like that?”
“Hahaha. Yeah. It’s just supposed to be silly.”

Shaped like a novelty condom

– Chatterbox insisted on trying a Flaming Hot Cheeto.  He then proceeded to run to the kitchen for a drink.  Kids are brave little bugger.

-Putting them to bed wasn’t as hard as I expected- besides Spitfire trying to sneak out of their bedroom a couple times.

All in all, it was a fun experience.

And SD and Puppy came back in a great mood which made me happy.  I love being able to feel like I’m finally beginning to pay them back for all their help.

And the kids are pretty adorable.

30 Days bandwagon

I’ve decided to jump on this blogging world 30 day phenomena.

The post earlier about Red Dwarf made me realize that when I focused on something that used to make me happy and instantly elevate my mood, it lifted my mood a bit. So I’m going to tailor this idea into something to make my September productive with this depression, insomnia, eating disorder, switching craziness, and general crummy feeling.

My plan is to format into something like my memory lane strolls.  It’ll start with my first memory of said thing or activity, then my more recent. And perhaps my favorite if it happens to fall in between.

All the alters plan to participate with the ones that they care about or involve them.

It will start Saturday, (September 1st!) with “Hosting a party”.

What do you guys think?

Boys from the Dwarf

To cheer myself up today, I did a lot of Googling and WordPress searches on Red Dwarf, which is my favorite television show ever.

I know that seem strange for a number of reasons.

1. I’m a girl. It’s a goofy sci-fi show centering around 4 men. And not like, sensitively metrosexual men. Just gross, disgusting, dorky men.

2. I’m under the age of 30. This show technically came out in the late eighties. Technically that’s the decade of my birth. I also like Doctor Who (the OLD stuff). I’m an old soul at heart.

3. I’m American. I currently live in the Midwest. Most of us aren’t aware the British do anything besides Harry Potter and Doctor Who.

4. I’m not really nerdy at all. I don’t like video games (with the exception of Left for Dead, but only played at friend’s houses, as I do not own any game consuls).  I hate Lord of the Rings (don’t hurt me!). It’s surprising that I’m technological savvy enough to manage this blog. My area of expertise is law and pickles. I love shopping and shoes (and don’t even get me started on shopping FOR shoes).

5. I hate Star Trek (please don’t hurt me!)

6. Despite dealing with DID/MPD, every single one of us likes at least one episode of Red Dwarf, although Armes has a hard time getting the jokes sometimes. Rather strange. There isn’t much else we all like.

7. One of us had the biggest crush on Rimmer. Still does. I won’t tell you who, as it’s embarrassing to her.

Anyway, I’m loving how reading about other bloggers excitement for the new Series X (which you lucky Brits get in October!!) has given me such a smile on my face.  In particular this post and this hilarious one featuring SUPER interesting telephone poll photographs.

Now I just need to get the courage up to swing by Army’s apartment and pick up my DVDs. I really need the comfort-food-like quality of a Red Dwarf marathon.

Boys from the Dwarf!