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Epic Meltdown

So I get off shift at work to discover the following text on my phone:

“Also let me know if you are free sometime this weekend.  I would like to take you on a date if that would be ok.”

This is from effin’ Stalker.

I am baffled by his conversational tone and his use of the word “Also”. Like we’ve been having some sort of ongoing conversation.  I blink and move to my sent texts folder to check and see if Rika sent her normal “fuck off” text.

There are none in there to his phone number.

However, instead of my normal 50 out of 50 messages in the folder (the max it will remember), there are only 42 in the folder.

Now I’m really suspicious. We all do quick checking and make sure none of us are being fuckholes. Normally the blame would fall on Charlotte (probably unfairly), however she’s been MIA for a bit now.   The checking does establish we’ve had missing blocks of time though.

Like, whole effin’ chunks. Not a couple minutes here and there.

What was said to him? It doesn’t seem like any actual plans were made, but we have no clue what could have been revealed, especially about us personally, and that’s just terrifying and such an unbelievable invasion of privacy that it’s simply indescribable.

Obviously our suspicions are Daria or Victoria.

But they aren’t relationship-type alters. They tend to hate other people.  Which means this whole effin’ upsetting game is just to piss us off and upset us.

Well. Congrats. We’re having an epic, triggering, switching, meltdown.

You fucking win Daria.