Claire’s Scribbles

Claire is my system’s self-appointed Scribe.

This means she finds it her “life’s goal” to search out the body’s past and write it down, mostly for my records and salvaging of my past.

She has added entries in this blog here and there that tell bits and pieces of why I am the way I am.

This list is mostly categorized and then in the body’s chronological order, with some stories expanding into multiple times in Pen’s life.

Abuse/Growing Up
The Very Beginning (first abuse)
Tracking Dirt (PTSD vs. abuse)
First Session (seeing a therapist in high school)
Torn Canvas (further abuse)
The House on the Corner Lot (a quick story of the house we mostly grew up in)

The Father
Learning to Ride a Bike (childhood story)
Break a Leg (or; My Father is an Asshole)
Emotionless (or: My Father is STILL an Asshole)

Therapy/Psych Ward
Root of the Problem (the first time I attempted therapy- it didn’t go well)
That Night (my time in a hospital’s psych ward)

I will add to the above list whenever Claire writes a new entry pertaining to “the body’s story”

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