I’m where???

Well. This is just fantastic. I come back to myself to discover that in the course of a mere 6 hours I seem to have moved back in with my ex AND had sex with him.

Fantastic. I blame Charlotte, though honestly I can’t be sure.

The problem is my dog is obviously happy.  This is mostly because my ex- let’s call him Army (he is ex-Army) also has a dog and it happens to be a dog Zoe has known since I’ve had her. Basically they’re sisters and they’re both happy to be under one roof again.

It’s a lot quieter here. It’s just me right now in my bedroom (we generally sleep in separate rooms, even when we were together- long story) and I do like not having to worry about my stepdad yelling at me.

However, I had very valid reasons for moving out two months ago. One of the big ones is how much Army triggers me.

I’m not really sure what to do…


1 thought on “I’m where???

  1. Bourbon

    Wow… that would really mess with my head … if Army is a big trigger then I would suggest moving right back out again and communicating with whoever it was who took you back in there and let them know that it is not in all your best interests to do that. It may seem appealing for whoever it was that made the move; perhaps to get away from the step dad but it sounds like you may have walked out of the frying pan and into the fire. Hope you’re okay x


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