30 Days bandwagon

I’ve decided to jump on this blogging world 30 day phenomena.

The post earlier about Red Dwarf made me realize that when I focused on something that used to make me happy and instantly elevate my mood, it lifted my mood a bit. So I’m going to tailor this idea into something to make my September productive with this depression, insomnia, eating disorder, switching craziness, and general crummy feeling.

My plan is to format into something like my memory lane strolls.  It’ll start with my first memory of said thing or activity, then my more recent. And perhaps my favorite if it happens to fall in between.

All the alters plan to participate with the ones that they care about or involve them.

It will start Saturday, (September 1st!) with “Hosting a party”.

What do you guys think?

5 thoughts on “30 Days bandwagon

      1. The Depressed Moose

        i know that feeling only too well! maybe do a few posts when the mood takes you but dont publish some of them right away, instead schedule them to post automatically the next day or something. Just a suggestion 🙂

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